PDA 21/22 Graphics.

Your Pro:Direct Academy Graphics

21/22 you will receive bespoke content for your social media platforms. This will include:

  • Matchday Graphics (home & away designs).
  • Monthly Fixture List.
  • Player Graphics.
  • Bespoke Trial Graphics.
  • Announcements.

Below are the designs you will receive for each match. Player photos will include your centres players (see below for info):


Player Photos.

Please arrange a media day to take photos of your players following the below instructions. These profile photos can taken off a modern mobile but we suggest using a photographer.

IMPORTANT: for each player we need a serious pose and a celebration pose (examples below) wearing their home and away kit.

Please follow the below instructions carefully as your photos may get rejected. We ask for the below photos in a certain way to maintain the quality of your photos, and also the speed to edit your photos. Both of these reasons will improve the quality of your graphics.

How To Take Your Photos



  • The photo is taken against a plain coloured background (no patterns, trees, fencing, bricks, nets etc).
  • The photo is taken from the bottom of the shorts up.
  • Camera height needs to be in line with the the centre of the players chest (important).
  • The player fills your photo preview as above (cropping photos will lose resolution and is pointless).
  • No parts of the player has been cut off (arms, shoulders head).
  • The player can do any pose as long as the above is met.
  • The player is facing at a slight angle to the camera (important).



All match photos must be high resolution. You can ask your photographer for these. We suggest having the profile photos (above) taken for all your players even if you have high quality match photos. This allows us to create different layouts for your graphics keeping your socials looking fresh.


  • Create a free Dropbox or Google Drive accounts.
  • Create a folder for each player using the players name.
  • Upload all photos of that player to the players folder (including match photos of the player).
  • (optional) Create a folder named ‘MATCH PHOTOS’. Upload all the high quality match photos you have.

Sending your fixtures.

Please send us your fixtures for the month in the below format via WhatsApp.


Saturday 3rd August
vs OPPOSITION TEAM (home / away)
Kick Off: 3pm

Please send your fixtures in the 3rd week of each month. eg, for Novembers fixtures, please send your fixtures on the 3rd week in October.

Adding Scores and Lineup (app).

Your graphics will be ready to share for each match. Simply;

open your Dropbox link > open the current month folder > open fixture date folder > download all graphic in that folder.

Editing your graphics is straight forward and only takes a few seconds to do.

There are a number of free apps you can use to add scores and starting lineup to your graphics. We suggest using Canva. Available on both iPhone and Android.

Canva App Download: IPHONE | ANDROID

Example tutorial videos below:

Instagram / Facebook Package: in the canvas app select custom size > 1080px Width x 1350px Height. Save the graphic to you phone once you have edited. Never share directly from the app. Follow the above image when posting on Instagram or you will lose half of your graphic.