We don’t like using stock images! We want clients to see your business as it is by using real images and videos of your products or coaching sessions. Real images convert users 7x more than using stock images that they see every day on the web.

The below is what we require from you when possible to create high quality, high converting images and videos on your website and social media accounts.

Images (non product)

Take as many images as you can. the more the better! We don’t mind searching through 100s of photos in order to find the perfect one for what we specifically need. if you are unsure what you need to photograph, get in touch and we can come up with some ideas for you.

To allow us to make full use of your images on your social media accounts and website we require landscape images. This gives us a lot more freedom to be creative in our marketing.

Ensure the lighting is as good as it can possibly be to make the image more attractive and appealing. get close to what you want to capture.

Make sure the images isn’t blurry and what you want to capture is in focus.

A lot of modern smart phones can capture excellent photos now. If you don’t think the camera on your phone is up to the job its worth investing in a camera that is. Ideally one with a quality zoom. Most clients hire a professional photographer to capture shots to use on the website.

Don’t worry about adding filters or editing the images in any way. Our team can take care of all that. Just click and send.

Asking us to download images from your Facebook page isn’t a good idea. When you upload a photo to Facebook, the image is massively compressed and loses all the quality and sharpness. We need the photos straight from your camera.

Video (non product)

We like to use a lot of video for our clients on their websites and social media accounts! If a photo speaks a 1000 words a video speaks a 100,000 words! We build you custom made videos with your package to convert users.

Same as your photos, take them in landscape, not portrait. It gives us a lot more flexibility to market your brand.

Make sure there is a lot of natural light so the camera picks everything up. Get close to what you want to capture. Its no good standing a football pitch away from it!

if you need some ideas on what to video then give us a call.

Images (product)

If you’re selling products then capturing the perfect image is vital. There is a few bits of equipment you need to get your products to pop, which can be achieved very cheap.

First off constancy is vital in product images. Are you having a background on your images or do you want a plain white background? It doesn’t look very professional having 12 products on a page all with different backgrounds. Decide early on.

The same applies to the angle you take your photos. keep that consistent through all your products.

We suggest purchasing a white tent to put your products in to photograph. Depending on the size of your products, you can pick these up very very cheap. A white tent give you a crisp clean background where we can easily remove it in editing and replace it with anything you want. It also always us to get the shadowing right.

Get a couple of clean bright lamps on your white tent to make the images look bore colourful. It will also allow your camera to pickup more detailing. You don’t need expensive lamps, just the right bulbs.

We also have the facility (at no extra cost to you) to showcase 360 degree product views. All you need for that is a lazy susan, which costs anything from a fiver depending on the size you need. Just place your product on the lazy susan, rotate it slightly, take a photo, rotate, photo etc until you complete 360 degrees. Then send all those images to us and we can create a 360 degree product view for your clients.

If you need help or ideas let us know.

Video (product)

The beauty with video is you don’t need any expensive equipment to capture it! Just point and record!

Video is the best way to market products. Its difficult to give one rule fits all with creating the best product video as every product will need to be treated differently to get the maximum effect. The best way to proceed is contact us and our team will come up with some ideas on how to video your products.