Gluttony WordPress Website Management Package

£30.00 / month

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WordPress website management and website maintenance package keeping your website safe, secure and functioning efficiently. Making any amendments, changes and updates you require each month to allow you to get on and run your business.

This package is available if you wish to host your website else where.

1 hour of amendments/changes per month

We provide 1 hour of changes to your web pages each month. This includes adding new pages, new products, content, images, functionality, stock management, blog posts and more. Please let us know if there’s anything you’re unsure of.

website hosting

Super fast, secure GoDaddy hosting with 24/7 UK support.

daily backups and security

We create 2 daily backups of your website, which are stored in 2 separate locations giving you that extra piece of mind.

SSL certificate

Includes a free 12 months SSL cert, which makes your website secure. This is the little green padlock you see in your browsers address bar. Gives visitors that little bit of extra trust and helps your website perform better on Google searches. (only applies with our hosting)

email addresses

Setup of as many email addresses as you need, eg,

24/7 uk support

Were are a UK based company who offers 24/7 website support via phone, text message, email or WhatsApp. Any problems or urgent changes regarding your website were here day and night to help.

weekly theme/plugin updates

Testing and updating your WordPress theme (where available), updating to the the latest version of WordPress and cross checking/testing all plugins to ensure compatibility.

malware removal

We perform daily website scans on our hosting but if you are hosting your own website we will remove any infected files.

Google analytics & search console

Installation and setup of Google analytics and Google Search Console to track and monitor any errors that may occur with Google indexing your website.

load speed

Optimising your website to load as quickly as possible on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

This includes; minify javascript & css, gzip compression, leverage browser cache, remove query string

image optimisation

Reducing the size of all your website images to allow your web pages to load quickly.

daily monitoring

We monitor your site 24/7 and setup email notifications if there are any problem regarding your website. If we receive a notification that there is a problem, our team will fix it within the hour.

content delivery network (cdn)

Setup and installation of a CDN allowing your website to load quickly anywhere in the world.


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