The NON LEAGUE Package

£10.95 / month

Full package breakdown below.

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During lockdown your package will include the below. You can select any 4 Core Graphics and any 1 Elite Graphics each month.

Please send what you need each month on WhatsApp.


Please select any 4 per month from this list.

  • Any new player photos.
  • Player Bio’s
  • Player Stickers. (5 players at a time)
  • Sponsor Adverts.
  • Team Stats.
  • Announcement Graphics.
  • Player Stats.
  • Player Birthday.
  • Historical Results.


Please select any 1 per month from this list.

  • Bespoke Player Graphic.
  • Bespoke Player Wallpaper.
  • Twitter Banner.
  • Facebook Banner.
  • League Table.
  • Teamwear Design.
  • Sell Teamwear / Merch.
  • Competitions.
  • Team Carousel (Instagram use only).
  • Club History Carousel (Instagram use only).



We cover all sports in our packages including, football, rugby, cricket, hockey, basketball etc.

Each match we create bespoke match day set including club badges, match photos and fixture info, which can be edited in the app (eg, Starting Lineup, Half Time and Full Time).

You can also generate weekly / monthly sponsorship revenue on your graphics! Send your sponsors logo to us each month and we will add it to your graphics.

We don’t just supply you with match day graphics, we provide your club with bespoke content, which includes, bespoke player and team stats!

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All the below is made for you for each month:

what’s included:

For Matchday

  • home game design
  • away game design
  • monthly fixture list
  • next fixture
  • postponed
  • matchday
  • starting lineup
  • half time
  • full time

For Your Players

  • player stats (2 per month)
  • new signings

For Your Club

  • team stats (1 per month)


Monthly prices are calculated over 12 months, not over a season. Subscription must be active out of season or a signup fee will occur to rejoin. Minimum 6 months subscription. If your package is cancelled before 6 months you will be required to pay the outstanding balance.