Pro:Direct Academy.

The Process

We have a list of academy centre contacts. We will create a WhatsApp group for your centre and you can add whoever you need in the group to handle your graphics for each match.

what we need to setup your graphics.

Please send the below information to us via your WhatsApp Group:

  • High resolution affiliate club logo.
  • High resolution league logo.
  • High resolution sponsor logos.
  • High resolution photo of your ground (example below).
  • Profile photo of all squad players as player (from the shorts up) Wearing your home kit. These photos can be taken from any modern phone. Please send each photo one at a time with the players full name. One photo per player. These are for bespoke player graphics (happy birthday, goal, player of the match, player of the month, player stats) Example below:

Sending your fixtures.

Please send us your fixture for the month in the below format along with all the opposition logos via WhatsApp.


Saturday 3rd August
vs OPPOSITION TEAM (home / away)
Kick Off: 3pm
@ add match venue

Please send your fixtures in the 3rd week of each month. eg, for Novembers fixtures, please send your fixtures on the 3rd week in October.


Your graphics package allows you to sell sponsorship space to increase club revenue. When you send your fixtures each month, please send your new sponsor logo if applicable.

Adding Scores and Lineup (app).

Your graphics will be ready to share for each match. Simply;

open your Dropbox link > open the current month folder > open fixture date folder > download all graphic in that folder.

Editing your graphics is straight forward and only takes a few seconds to do.

There are a number of free apps you can use to add scores and starting lineup to your graphics. We suggest using Canva. Available on both iPhone and Android.

Canva App Download: IPHONE | ANDROID

Example tutorial videos below:

Example graphics set.

View the full list of graphics available to your academy. You will also have player graphics for each player (happy birthday, goal, player of the match, player of the month, player stats)