GluPro Social Media

The Challenge

GluPro set us the challenge of increasing engagement for their posts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for users to purchase goalkeeper gloves on their website. As they have a lot of adults and junior keepers wear their gloves, they receive a lot of photos each week of keepers wearing the gloves in a match.

The guys at GluPro used to just post the images the users sent along with a link to buy whatever gloves they were wearing. We had an idea…

What We Did

As all kids playing football want to be pro’s (and most adults), we decided we should treat them like pro’s. So when parents send players in of their kids wearing gloves we made graphics to make them feel like a pro (permission to use images were given by parents).

This way we could use any player (pro, semi-pro, amateur or junior) that sent us a photo, make them feel like a pro, promote the glove to increase sales and direct people to the website and boost social interactions from the parents and family members sharing the post.

This gives GluPro a huge outreach as you would find (talking from experience) if you have a kid that plays football, your are social friends with many other football parents.

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