Your football digital marketing package comes with a free website design. All you need to do is setup your website hosting and domain name. This is very simple to do and only costs around £20-£25 per month.

Website hosting is where all your website files are stored allowing your site to be shown on laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

A domain name is the address you give someone to direct them to your site, eg,

We suggest using GoDaddy for purchasing your domain name and website hosting.

Website Hosting

Visit GoDaddy Website Hosting you will see 3 packages.

setting up your hosting

We suggest purchasing the ‘Ultimate’ plan as its a lot faster to help your website perform and load quicker. It also includes a free SSL certificate for the first 12 months, which costs £59.95 per year.

An SSL certificate makes a website secure (little green padlock in the address bar). If you want to take online payments or subscriptions, you will need and SSL certificate. Also having a secure website will increase your keyword rankings on Google.

If you do not want to take online payments and only want a small website (just a few pages), then the Deluxe page will be suitable.

Please Note: If you are looking to add online payments in the future, we strongly advise to purchase the SSL certificate package from the beginning. Having this SSL cert changes your domain URL to from Google sees these 2 URLs as 2 different domains, so if you switch from one to the other it will take a long time for your keyword rankings on Google to come back again.

Purchasing and Settings

Once you have decided on your hosting package click ‘add to cart’.

We recommend you include the extra highlighted below.

hosting purchasing and settings


Select Term Length: 1 month means it will renew every month, the other options renew on the stated cycle. The more you pay in advance, the cheaper your hosting will be.

Add Website Backup: This creates a full weekly backup of your website so if anything ever goes wrong you will be able to restore your website in full straight away. You need to have this option selected.

Add Essential Security: This stops website hacks and malware on your site. This addon is optional but we would advise you select it. You will have weekly backups so if your site does somehow manage to get hacked, you can easily restore it to the previous backup.

Once you have selected your options click the green button near the bottom of the page ‘Continue With These Options’.

Create An Account

Click on the create an account button and add all your info in the required fields. Note down your username, password and PIN as we will need these to upload your website files.

create godaddy account

Domain Name

Once you have created an account and signed in to GoDaddy,you need to search for available domains. At the top of the page click ‘Domains’ then ‘Domain Name Search’.

domain name search

Choosing the right domain name is vital for ranking high on Google and making sure users that are searching for you as a brand find you.

For Example: If your company is called ‘KM Coaching’, we would suggest using the domain name This domain connects your brand and also includes ‘football’ as we want to rank high on Google for keywords like ‘Football Coaching in Derby’.

Keep your domain name as sort as possible. Having a long domain name will be difficult to tell someone and they wont remember it.

Search for available domains that you have chosen. To protect your brand and not having people going to someone else’s website, its best purchasing a and .com version of your domain. Make sure they are both available.

make sure the .com and version are checked and click add to cart.

Then click the green ‘Continue To Cart Button.

Checking Before Purchase

Make sure your cart is all correct with the hosting package and domain names spelt correctly.

Just underneath the total there is a link saying ‘Have a promo code?’. Click on it.

GoDaddy are always running promotions so if you search Google you can find a coupon code that will know a lot of money off your first payment.

Send Login Details

Once you have completed your purchase, please send your GoDaddy username, password and PIN to us so we can upload your website.