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social media design package

social media management package

Our social media management package covers everything you need to grow your socials and increase; sales, followers & engagement.

Every day we increase your social following with real people that are interested in your products or services. We do not try to trick you with buying fake followers or people that have zero interest in what you have to offer.

profile optimisation.

Your profile is the key to high growth. This is your shop. This is what encourages people to browse through what you have to offer.

Our team will optimise all your social media profiles to boost conversions, followers and sales.

We will ensure that your profile is optimised for your business. Such as; multiple website links and cross platform promotion.

social media profile optimisation
social media content design

content creation.

All content is created by your dedicated content writer to craft engaging posts on a daily basis. All content is sent for your approval.

Your approved content is then passed on to your dedicated graphic designer who will create eye catching, bespoke graphics.

Posts types created; carousels, single posts, motion graphics, stories, highlights, video and reels.

All posts are scheduled at an optimised time on all platforms each day.

organic growth.

This is where the magic happens! Your growth specialist will be in charge of growing your social media accounts.

These followers will be real people that have a real interest in your industry. They will be in charge of promoting your brand and driving genuine people to your profile.

This will lead to a guaranteed increase in followers!

paid growth.

our Growth Specialist will also be in charge of your paid ads.

We include £100 of paid advertising to spend on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter each month.

This will be used for driving; profile traffic, products / services or special offers.

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