wordpress website design package.

design | seo | maintenance only £35 per month

    • unlimited pages
    • ongoing google rankings
    • updates & maintenance
    • monthly seo reports
    • social media management
    • 12 months hosting
    • domain name
    • daily backups & security
    • SSL cert (secure site)
    • email addresses
    • logo design/redesign
    • eCommerce (sell online)
    • portfolio & blog
    • blog management
    • reviews / testimonial page
    • use of stock images
    • mobile friendly
    • WordPress CMS
    • live chat function
    • AND MORE...

pay monthly WordPress website design package.

Introducing the online solution for startups and new businesses! Our pay monthly website design package provides more than just a stunning website for your business… it generates traffic from search engines such as Google and from social media.

Once your website is built, its not job done for us… its only the beginning!

We get to work on ranking your website high on Google for your industries keywords to drive targeted web traffic. We also work across all your business social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook & Twitter) to generate more followers and engaging posts.

On top of your digital marketing, we make sure your site is properly maintained and provide any updates or amendments you require each month.

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Main Web Design Features.


12 months free hosting on our fast, secure server. Includes daily backups, security, unlimited emails, SSL cert, .com and .co.uk domain names and 24/7 monitoring.


Sell products & services through your WordPress website & take payment by credit or debit card. Also includes subscriptions, bookings, variable products & coupon codes.


We craft each WordPress website we build with a modern design that customers want to see. This will help increase your conversion rate and boost online sales and enquiries.


You have full control over your WordPress website to make changes to your web pages, products, content, images and blog. You will receive your own login details and training.


do i have to pay monthly?

No of course not! We have set our package at £35 a month for companies that want to keep their expenditure down for initial setup. If you you would like to pay for your website in full then we ask for clients to order on the website and pay for the first month. You then have the option to pay for the remaining 11 months via bank transfer once you have approved your completed website. You have the option to do this at any point within your first 12 months. for example, after 8 months you decide you want to pay off your website, we will invoice you for the remaining 4 months.

Paying off your website early still entitles you to your full 12 months hosting, website maintenance, updates, seo, ssl cert, email addresses and everything else the package has to offer. Please note, if you decide to transfer your hosting away from us we will be unable to carry out any of these services for your website.

do i own the website?

After 12 months you own the website in full, or you can pay the remaining fees off early as mentioned above. You own the domain name in full from day one. we can either purchase your domain for you or you can purchase this yourself.

whats included?

A full breakdown of services included in our pay monthly website design package can be found here.

can i upgrade my monthly hours?

Yes of course you can. If you decide your business has the budget to increase your seo & social media or if you require more updates to be performed throughout your site then you can order more hours here or you can take out one of our complete seo packages.

are there any hidden fees?

There’s no hidden fees, setup charges or renewal charges… simply a flat rate £35 per month for your website design, google rankings, social media, website maintenance, hosting and website updates which is covered within your 1 hour a month work we do. How you spend your 1 hour a month is entirely up to you. we can focus on google rankings or social media or if you have a lot of changes to make on the website we can do that. We try and balance out your seo, social media and updates each month so you get the best out of your business online.

what happens after the 12 month term?

After your 12 months term is completed you own the website in full. You have the option to transfer the website to a different hosting company or you can continue with your £35 per month package which covers your seo, maintenance, social media, updates, reports, hosting, emails and SSL cert. After your first 12 months there are no contracts and you are on a month to month rolling contract and you are free to cancel at any time.

why are we different to other pay monthly websites?

We are different to other pay monthly website design companies as we are a digital marketing company by trade with nearly 20 years experience in this sector. Not only do we build you a stunning website, but we get targeted traffic to your site from google and social media. This is the whole point of a website… to be seen! We don’t just charge you for hosting and updates every month we actually give you online customers!

whats covered with my maintenance & seo?

A complete breakdown of the services we provide for your social media, google rankings and website maintenance can be found here.

how many pages do i get?

With your initial first month design we create up to 10 web pages for you. For example this can include; home, about us, services, specific service page, shop, product, blog, portfolio, contact us, testimonials. Each month after we can create 2 additional pages within your 1 hour monthly budget if you require.

do you provide training?

You have access to your website to add/edit pages if you require to do so. We provide full training on how to edit your web pages but its strongly advised you ask us to do it. This is whats included in your package! It is very easy to make mistakes, which could take a lot of time for us to fix. We also provide training on digital marketing, especially blogging as this is important for your business and search engine rankings.

We have been in the digital marketing industry since 2002 and have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience in this sector. Our goal has always been to provide excellent digital marketing services that deliver results at an affordable price.

After our huge rebrand in 2018 we’re looking to expand our services to cover WordPress website design, SEO packages, social media and website management with the aim to be a sole provider of all online business solutions for digital marketing.

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building the perfect
wordpress website
for your business.

Common Mistakes

The downfall of most websites is down to the owner having far too much input in to the design process. This can lead to websites having a huge turnaround to be completed, not being user friendly and having a huge lack of conversions.

Its understandable website owners have an idea in their head about their new WordPress website design and have probably seen a few designs they like, but you should really allow the web designer to work off your brief and let them built something that is suited for your business goals, fits your industry and converts visitors to sales/enquiries. Isn’t that the whole point of a website?

If your car was having problems and you took it to a garage, you wouldn’t tell the mechanic how to fix it would you? There’s no difference with web design.

Owner Input

To get the most effective WordPress website you need to supply as much detail in your design brief as possible. Try not to focus on every single detail on every page. Its impossible for you to get an image of specific details out of your head on to a website thats user friendly, converts users and performs well on Google.

Focus mainly on your colour scheme and what your goals are (what you want to sell, you want people to call you, fill out a contact form, sign up etc).

WordPress Website Designers Input

Once we have your design brief and goals we can get to work on creating your proof. Any good web designer will have years of experience and have built 100’s of websites for different industries. They keep up with the latest trends, user habits and new tech. They/we fully understand how to convert visitors to a point of sale (conversion rate optimisation).

With all the knowledge and experience web designers have, you need to trust what they advise. As a company, Evoleze stands by the fact that we only build websites that are modern, user friendly and converts visitors to sales. So basically, we only want to build successful websites. If we feel that were unable to work with specific clients that have input which will affect the success of a website, we immediately refund in full.

A/B Testing

Websites always need ongoing updates and tweaks to make it efficient. Depending on the size of your WordPress site and your industry, certain aspects such as layout, product placement, conversion rate optimisation need to be monitored through user habits.

This is achieved by monitoring your Google Analytics and how users behave when landing on certain web pages. If we see a high bounce rate on a specific page (people leaving the page without viewing additional pages), we will look at what needs to be done to encourage the user to view more web pages.

Digital Marketing

Probably the most important one of all… can your website be found? you may have heard the old saying;

‘Whats the point of a website if nobody can see it?’

This is a very old saying and is used a lot in the web design and digital marketing industry, and we stand by it. We build each WordPress website with SEO in mind so it can easily be found on Google for user search terms, or keywords.

Depending on the level of competition in your industry you may need a digital marketing package to get the exposure you require. We have packages to suit all business types and budgets.

WordPress Website Management

A website needs a lot of care and attention to keep running efficiently and maintain the sales its creating for your business. WordPress website maintenance and management is vital to all website, new or old. There are always updates, code changes, changes in tech, user habits and changes you need to make to different web pages, products and services that require a site to be maintained correctly.

We provide WordPress website management packages to suit any budget and requirements.

Is There a Perfect WordPress Website Design?

A perfect website should be 100% visible to users on search engines and social media. It should look modern, load fast and convert a high percentage of visitors in to sales. It should also look amazing on any device just as desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices (responsive).

Unfortunately this all times time to achieve. By the time we have ticked all these boxes for you there will be something that has changed, like, important Google ranking factors that require a different strategy, a new design, different user habits.

The internet is constantly evolving and your WordPress website needs to evolve with it.