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We monitor each clubs social media accounts to ensure the below rules are met. We work towards a strict Yellow Card and Red Card Policy. Yellow Card is a warning, Red Card means you are excluded from our platform.

This services provides an income for just tagging so please make sure your social media team are fully aware of the importance of tagging your sponsors when using all graphics.

Social Media Accounts.

Each football club MUST have an official Facebook Page, Twitter Account and Instagram account.


Graphics will be supplied to you via Dropbox for your next fixture. Your graphics will be uploaded to the same link every Sunday/Monday of each week.

You MUST place the below sentence at the end of each post containing our graphics and tag your sponsor. We advise this is copied and pasted prior to each game to save you time.

Match Day Graphics Sponsor: @InsertSponsorsHandle

All graphics must be used each game where possible.


You can easily edit your starting xi, half time, goal, substitution, yellow card, red card and full time graphics with scores and players names. We advise using a free app called PHONTO to do this.

You are not authorised to edit any other information other than the above. Adding additional logos or sponsors is strictly prohibited.


Your match day graphics sponsor details will be in your Dropbox account including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter handles.

Their advert must be published at least once a week on all social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) over the 7 day sponsorship period and mention the companies social media accounts

We will place the companies logo on all the artwork/video we create for selected 7 days. You MUST tag the companies Facebook page, Twitter handle and Instagram in every post containing our graphics.

We can add your clubs main sponsor to your match day graphics. A total of 2 sponsor logos can be added to each piece of graphic. If you do not have a main club sponsor, or wish not to include it in your artwork, we can source 2 sponsors for your football club each week.

Images & Match Information.

We require images as early as possible to use for your graphics. If you publish match photos on your social media accounts, we can use these images.

We obtain fixtures from your league. Any additional/changed fixtures such as friendlies or exhibition matches, rearranged fixtures, need to be sent to us.


All graphics we provide to your club are owned by Evoleze Limited and are covered by UK copyright law. Replicating our graphics is strictly prohibited.


We aim to increase the amount of followers for your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. This will increase your outreach and attract higher sponsorship deals.

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